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          A Perfect 10 entree satisfies everyone in the family with savory meals like shrimp pizza and grilled turkey steak.

          Chicken Wraps

          The Perfect 10 Diet Chicken Wraps RecipeThis easy dish will become a family dinner staple!
          Serving Size: 4 to 5
          Total Time: 20 minutes

          Getthe Chicken Wraps recipe


          Grilled Turkey Steak

          The Perfect 10 Diet Grilled Turkey Steak RecipeSpend a nice night in with this delicious homemade meal!
          Serving Size: 2 to 3
          Total Time: 40 minutes

          Get the Grilled Turkey Steak recipe


          Shrimp Pizza

          The Perfect 10 Diet Shrimp Pizza recipeTreat yourself to something nice with this dish for one!
          Serving Size: 1
          Total Time: 30 minutes

          Get the Shrimp Pizza recipe