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          Perfect 10 Diet TweetChat

          Perfect 10 Diet TweetChat TBA

          Hosted by Kat Meyer

          To join the #perfect10diet Twitter conversation, here’s what to do:

          1. 10 minutes or so before the start time, log in to Twitter or whatever interface you use (we recommend Tweetchat.com).
          2. To follow the discussion, run a search for #perfect10diet.
          3. We’ll announce about 10 minutes ahead of time that we’re going to begin. And we’ll introduce the guests.
          4. We’ll start by posting a question.
          5. To post to the discussion, make sure that the hashtag #perfect10diet is in each tweet.

          NOTE: TweetChat.com refreshes quickly and automatically loads your hashtag when you are in the discussion.


          #Perfect10Diet Live Twitter Feed


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